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Bill Frenzel, Honorary Co-Chairman

Bill Frenzel has been a Guest Scholar at the Brookings Institution in Washington, DC, since January 1991, when he retired from the US House of Representatives after serving his Minnesota constituency for 20 years.

Frenzel was the Ranking Minority Member on the House Budget Committee, and was the principal Republican economic spokesperson in the House. He was a member of the House Ways and Means Committee and its Trade Subcommittee, and a Congressional Representative to the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) in Geneva for 15 years. In 1993, he was appointed Special Advisor to President Clinton for NAFTA. In 2001, President Bush appointed him to the Social Security Commission, and, in 2002, to the Advisory Committee on Trade Policy and Negotiations (ACTPN), which he chairs.

In 2000 he was awarded the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Star, by the Emperor of Japan. In 2002, he received an Honorary Doctor of Laws Degree from Hamline University.

Frenzel received his BA and MBA from Dartmouth College and served as a Naval Officer during the Korean War. He was President of the Minneapolis Terminal Warehouse Co., and other corporations, a member of the Executive Board of the American Warehousemen's Association, and served 8 years in the Minnesota Legislature.

He is the Vice Chairman of the Eurasia Foundation, Chairman of the Japan-America Society of washington, Chairman of the US Steering Committee of the Transatlantic Policy Network, Co-Chairman of the Center for Strategic Tax Reform, Co-Chairman of the Bretton Woods Committee, Co-Chairman of the Committee For A Responsible Federal Budget, Chairman of the Pew Commission on Children in Foster Care, a member of the Executive Committee of the Committee on U.S.-China Relations, and Chairman of the Executive Committee of the International Tax and Investment Center.

He is a Board member of the Secretary of State's Advisory Committee on Leadership and Management, Sit Mutual Funds, Northstar Education Finance, and other organizations.

Frenzel and his wife, Ruthy, are the parents of three daughters and grandparents of two perfect grandchildren.

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