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CSTR Congressional Testimony

The Freedom To Save Act: Getting The Tax Reform Job Done
May 11, 2005
Ernest S. Christian's statements before the President’s Advisory Panel on Federal Tax Reform.

Statement of Ernest S. Christian on the Extraterritorial Income Regime
May 9, 2002

There is no need to resort to some new and radical tax system.  Indirect tax status is imminently obtainable within the framework of current law and within the framework of American tax traditions.

Statement of Ernest S. Christian on Fundamental Tax Reform
April 12, 2000
The Simplified USA Tax by Congressman Philip English (H.R. 134) is a landmark achievement that shows how genuine tax reform can become a reality without resorting to radical experimentation.

Statement of Ernest S. Christian Re: S. 722, The USA Tax Act of 1995
June 7, 1995
The USA Tax proposal by Senators Domenici and Nunn is a landmark achievement in the on-going development of tax policy and design. It shows how you can accomplish revolutionary change in the American tax system ...




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