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The Second Declaration Of Independence

Investor's Business Daily
September 11, 2010
By Ernest S. Christian and Gary A. Robbins

The historic rebellion that is stirring the minds and moving the hearts of Americans is peaceful and high-minded. It is led by patriots and aimed at restoring America to its authentic condition of excellence and freedom. And it is as inevitable and welcome as the triumph of good over evil. Smart also always beats dumb.

Those who now lord it over us from their high perches in Washington will lose. No more princely perks and prerogatives. No more constantly poking at us, insisting on telling us what to do, say and think. And no more ruining our economy. Having rid ourselves of them and their impedimenta, the rest of us will rise victorious.

We the people stand on the elevated foundation granted by our Creator - individual dignity, Anglo-Saxon freedoms, economic enterprise and limited government. Renewal of these quintessentially American characteristics will be the first flowering of the post-Washington, Obama-free era that is to come. Washington is today a human and systemic failure that is destroying us from within. Its profligate spending is undermining the dollar - and, according to the International Monetary Fund, it is risking a U.S. sovereign debt crisis. According to Lenin, "There is no subtler, no surer means of overturning the existing basis of society than debauching the currency."

The eminent Samuel Huntington observed that Washington is - through the Third World orientation of its immigration policies - deliberately destroying the linguistic, cultural and creedal glue that defines and holds the nation together. Research by Harvard professor Robert Putnam associates high levels of government-created "diversity" with civic dissonance and decline.

Washington makes tax slaves out of one in four Americans, forcing them to pay nearly all the income tax while others pay little or none. It taxes too heavily in the dumbest way possible that does the maximum economic damage (about $3 for every $1 of tax collected), costing everyone jobs and incomes. Taxation is an economic poison that spreads quickly.

And when government spends a dollar, the economic benefit is typically between zero and 60 cents, thereby digging the hole still deeper with a loss on each transaction. No wonder "stimulus" doesn't work.

Washington discriminates among us according to race and gender, takes our money and property and gives it to union bosses and other friends on its political Facebook, and by forcing us to fill out millions of government forms, annually confiscates 10 billion hours of our time.

It invades our schools, raises costs, messes with students' minds and morals, and lowers educational quality. It scorns and interferes with traditional Americans in the exercise of their religion - and it forces everyone to fight through a jungle of federal regulations just to live our daily lives.

Washington has by fiat reduced the earnings on our savings accounts to near zero and given the differential to banks and speculators. It has taken $2.5 trillion out of our Social Security Trust Fund and "replaced" the money with federal IOUs that it can pay only by imposing additional taxes on us. What a cruel hoax.

A soon-to-be-published analysis of historical data (by Gary and Aldona Robbins) shows how government ineptitude has for decades been increasing the price of health care. ObamaCare is the final atrocity. It will not be tolerated.

Washington constantly intervenes in our free-market economy, cannibalizing vital parts and impairing its ability to provide jobs and raise living standards. Adam Smith's "invisible hand" of commerce and trade may soon stop altogether. Absent that productive genius, what will we do then? Rely on government? What a hoot. Washington is broke and produces nothing.

The Great Recession tells us that government is better at creating problems (such as deficits, debt, unemployment and the housing bubble) than it is at providing solutions. And President Obama proves daily that profligate spending really is a sin: It kills jobs.

Instead of apologizing to the world for America, Obama should apologize to us. His administration seems unfortunately to have lost both its economic mind and its moral compass.

Immediate personnel changes in Washington are imperative - but the only sure way to "fix" Washington is similar to the eponymous veterinarian procedure performed on stray dogs and cats. This is the remedy favored by the Andrew Jackson wing of the Tea Party, an authentic American political tradition that is suspicious of authority and intolerant of cant and conceit.

Voters of a gentler persuasion are also now looking askance at Washington and demanding fundamental change. At the next election, we the people will all rise up like Gulliver, brush aside the Lilliputians and declare America's independence from Washington. Then we will all sit down together around the national kitchen table and decide how we can best govern ourselves.

- Christian, an attorney, was a deputy assistant secretary of the Treasury in the Ford administration.
- Robbins, an economist, served at the Treasury Department in the Reagan administration.

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