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Riding Income Redistribution Back To White House In 2012

Investor's Business Daily
April 21, 2011
By Ernest S. Christian and Gary A. Robbins

How can Barack Obama be about the worst president in history - and at the same time the "best politician" in America, according to some experts?

Simple answer: Being president is about substance; being a politician is about theatrics. Sometimes, the twain meet and - as in the case of Ronald Reagan and others - produce a statesman.

But not in Obama's case. Just the opposite!

Being a good president involves competence, integrity and making Americans better off, often by stopping government from doing things that make people worse off. (Rep. Paul Ryan's trailblazing blueprint for reducing the deficit and downsizing government is a prime example.)

To Obama, politics is about bamboozling people into thinking that he's making them better off when he's making them worse off.

The trick is to expropriate money from people who work hard and pay their taxes - and use the loot to scatter around enough political lagniappe to piece together a majority of bought-and-paid for votes strategically placed in the right locations to yield an Electoral College victory.

Obama never lets a cynical political ploy go unexploited. He blares away about raising taxes on the "rich." He knows that high taxes ruin the economy and hurt everyone who depends on a nongovernment job for a living.

But so what?

The sotto voce Obama plan: Get rid of pesky Republicans; get re-elected; raise taxes through the roof starting in 2013; knock smug middle-class Americans off their high-earning perch; crash the economy; catch everyone in a new "safety net" where all have the same modest government-controlled income and live under federal supervision.

In his "now you see it, now you don't" speech at George Washington University on April 13, the president of the United States declared war on mainstream America and common sense.

Obama insulted Rep. Ryan for trying to save and reform Medicare. How dare Ryan defy King Barack and stand in the way of ObamaCare and the government-run health care rationing that Americans hate?

Among other cost-cutting priorities, repeal of ObamaCare should be a condition for any increase in the federal debt limit.

Obama's latest phony "solution" to the Obama debt crisis is to appoint a committee to run in circles and gum up Congress sufficiently to delay a Budget Resolution that cuts spending.

Obama is funding a new political imperium built upon a massive voter turnout of government-oriented constituencies. These include government employees (about 17% of total employees); the roughly 60 million people who depend significantly on government assistance; and a large portion of the three rapidly growing "minority" groups who, according to census data, will soon constitute an arithmetic majority in America.

In 2008, African-Americans favored Obama by 95%. Overall, he got 67% of the Hispanic vote and 62% of Asians. In key locations, his percentages were sufficiently enormous and concentrated to tilt the electoral vote count. Obama got 67% of the electoral vote with 53% of the popular vote.

Members of unions vote heavily (60%) for Obama in exchange for favors. So do abortion supporters (73%) and members of the GLBT community (70%).

Obama will get the "kiddie" vote on campuses, the anti-American left, the hard-core environmentalists, the brass-collar Democrats and a lot of nice people who cannot bring themselves to vote against America's first black president.

Obama's potential for a "near lock" in the Electoral College shows the political power of "income redistribution" in combination with an ever-larger, all-pervasive government that (including state and local) controls and spends nearly 40% of GDP in a discriminatory manner among an increasingly diverse and balkanized population.

Members of Obama's potential coalition receive disproportionately large amounts from government but pay little of the cost of government.

A small minority of Americans (roughly one-third of eligible voters) already pay nearly all the personal income tax - and Obama will whip the "tax slaves" into paying more and more until they collapse.
Originally, the disparity in treatment between "net payers" and "net takers" was to help people who were actually poor (instead of merely less well-off than someone else) - but Obama and other levelers have made broad scale "redistribution" the main mission of government.

Jeffrey Miron at Harvard points out that in 2007 - before the recession - Washington was already spending about 50% of the budget on programs designed to redistribute money from the better-off to the less well-off.

The Heritage Foundation's Index of Dependency shows that dependency on government has increased by about 15% since 2007.

In Obama's un-American America, a modest standard of living will become both the minimum and the maximum.

Thanks, but no thanks.

- Christian, an attorney, was a deputy assistant secretary of the Treasury in the Ford administration.
-Robbins, an economist, served at the Treasury Department in the Reagan administration.

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