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Obama's Nuke Deal Enriches Terrorist Iran, Ensures A Bomb‏

Investor's Business Daily
July 31, 2015
By Ernest S. Christian

The nuclear bomb deal that President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry have made with the terrorist regime in Iran, and which they and Ayatollah Khamenei are now trying to force on the civilized world, is pure unadulterated applesauce.

"Applesauce" is a pejorative borrowed from Justice Antonin Scalia's scathing dissent in the Supreme Court's split decision in favor of the Affordable Care Act. It refers to cleverly crafted attempts to justify, mislead, deceive or conceal. In the urban vernacular, "blue smoke and mirrors" has a similar meaning.

Had the best interests of the United States been the organizing principle of Obama's "negotiations" with Iran, the result could have been an historic breakthrough. It would have effectively restricted Iran's nuclear program to peaceful purposes in exchange for lifting economic sanctions that had, by international agreement, been biting hard on the Iranian regime.

In time, Iran could have been forced to give up the quest for a nuclear bomb and allow its people to rejoin the civilized world.

But the Obama-Kerry-Khamenei Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) does nothing to prevent Iran from building and using a nuclear bomb. Indeed, by economically enriching and militarily empowering Iran, the JCPOA enhances Iran's capacity to build and use one.

JCPOA lifts the sanctions on Iran — thereby refilling Iran's cash coffers and allowing the regime to purchase missiles and other offensive military hardware with which to arm itself and affiliated terrorist groups all around the world.

Because Obama has agreed to lift the ban on Iranian oil exports and help Iran maximize its oil production and sales, Iran not only will cash in on a bonanza in world oil markets. It also will be able to use oil exports as an additional weapon against the United States.

If Obama continues to prohibit U.S. oil producers from exporting while allowing Iran and others to flood the world market, the most likely casualty will be America's shale oil industry. And when that industry goes down, so will the prospect of energy independence.

We could then be back where we were during the infamous gas crises of the 1970s, totally at the mercy of the OPEC countries — many of which are now being taken over by jihadists.

Obama and Kerry say that their JCPOA slows down Iran's march toward a nuclear bomb, perhaps postponing a nuclear disaster to a day eight to 15 years from now. And for that we should be thankful?

The "slow walk" provisions of the bomb deal appear to be a hoax. The moment the JCPOA goes into effect, the fatal damage will have been done. The sanctions will be lifted, never more to be restored. Iran will have won, back in business full-blast and proceeding to develop a bomb as rapidly as it wishes, provided it exercises a modicum of discretion so as not to give the dirty secret away too blatantly too quickly.

The last thing that Obama and his counterparts in China, Russia, France and elsewhere want is to be publicly confronted with the fact that Iran is cheating on a massive scale — even though it's obvious it will.

One strongly suspects that camouflage is the purpose of the ineffective inspection and verification provisions of JCPOA. They serve as a gigantic international fig leaf that allows the perpetrators — as well as those who do business with Iran after sanctions are lifted — to pretend that Iran is not rapidly building and preparing to use a bomb.

It is very likely that the first time Obama and others most complicit in the tragedy will admit that Iran has a nuclear weapon is when the Ayatollah Khamenei orders its use.

The JCPOA puts the civilized world at great risk, and every bit of this disastrous agreement with Iran is Obama's creation. He is not stupid. Neither is Kerry. They did not get out-negotiated and fleeced. Obama did it on purpose, and he is responsible for all disastrous consequences.

Looking back at Obama's record and rhetoric, no one should be surprised at the JCPOA's anti-West tilt. The historical imperative that America should always give way to the demands of Second and Third World countries and cultures is what may now become known as the "Obama Doctrine."

Even if the JCPOA is overridden by two-thirds votes in both the House and the Senate, that still may not stop Obama and Iran. Together, they've already pushed the agreement through the United Nations, which means the sanctions could end up being lifted by all countries other than the U.S. even before the Congress votes.

It's a clever scheme indeed that's been hatched by Messrs. Obama and Kerry. Iran recently vowed to "trample on the United States." Mr. Obama may have paved the way.

Christian is a lawyer who was a Treasury Department official in the Ford administration.


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